Welcome to the Adalantis Metaverse

  First Ever Underwater city on the Cardano blockchain

   Adalantis is an underwater digital city inspired by the myth of Lost Atlantis. Our goal is to create a digital world full of possibilities where citizens can enjoy its unique elements and special attributes. We think of Adalantis as a part of the “bigger metaverse” and our vision is to integrate with other projects οn the Cardano blockchain. Through valuable partnerships and constant work, we aim to keep evolving and grow this world together with our dedicated community.

Our mission

We aim to make this world an ever evolving and upgrading metaverse with unique blockchain based features. Valuable partnerships, continuous updates, optimal mechanisms and brand developing are some of the main visions of this unique world.

Quarter 4 - 2021

The journey begins: Adalantis concept development

Our team has finally decided to start working οn a concept that has been a topic of discussion between us for the last years. Myth aficionados and crypto enthusiasts, we want to explore the NFT world through an innovative project, based on the unique myth of Atlantis. Our curiosity about discovering the full capabilities of the crypto and NFT spaces has been growing rapidly and we consider this only the beginning of great things to come.

Key milestones

Adalantis is originally founded
• Core team development
• Early project development, lore and future plans

Quarter 1 - 2022

Putting things in order

Working alongside the development team and taking into consideration the numerous aspects of such a project, we start building its key elements.

Key milestones

• website development
• Establishing final art and designs
• Discord server and Twitter account creation

Quarter 2 - 2022

Behind every great project, lies a great community

We consider our community as the first and most important aspect of our project. We strongly believe that in order to build something unique that will make a difference in the NFT universe, there has to be a strong core community in the center of it all. That is why we have built this project with the Adalantis citizens in mind. The main hub for the community to meet, chat and exchange opinions on how to move forward will be our Discord server.

Key milestones

• Official launch of the Adalantis community
• Build the core community
• Project exposure through marketing and promotions
• Exclusive limited OG roles for dedicated members - make sure to join our Discord to find out more
• Community giveaways through Discord and Twitter
• Mini games & Whitelist competitions
• Adalantis NFT land parcels and map Sneak-Peeks
• 2D & 3D map finalization
• Whitepaper release
• Adalantis land parcels sale
• Verify the collection on, and

Quarter 3 - 2022

The next step

Having established the Adalantis world in the CNFT space, we will look to further develop our world based on the community needs and feedback. Alongside the land owners and project participants, we will decide how to grow this world as part of the “bigger metaverse” through collaboration and integrations with other projects.

Key milestones

• 2D & 3D map public release
Utility addition and extra features exclusively for land owners and OG members
Airdrops designed for holders
Collaboration with other projects
Special assets and map compatibility development
• Adalantis team expansion and new opportunities

Quarter 4 - 2022/2023

The vision

Our long-term goal is to build a world full of possibilities where the community thrives and comes together in the metaverse. We want to take it step by step to bring what we imagine to reality and that is why we have big plans.

Key milestones

• Staking mechanism reveal
Adalantis token launch
• Tierless NFT Launchpad designed especially for token holders and land owners
• Integration with other metaverse projects (portals and compatibility)
Mobile app development
Alpha Version of Adalantis Metaverse release with early access issued to early holders (OG-Whitelist)

 (Roadmap is subject to change)
Adalantis Core Team
CEO & Co-Founder
James Torp. Blockchain Advisor
Patricia L. Marketing Expert
Patrick Cad.
CCO & Co-Founder
Peter Goj. Front-End Developer
Novak R. Full-Stack Developer
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